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Design step 1: What is the purpose of your design and what is the story of your design

  • Honor your mookuauhau (genealogy):
    family name, mother side, fathers side, aumakua ect
  • Record of an event:
    birth of a child or grandchild, honor a loved one
  • Mastering a field of study
    voyaging, farming, hula, weaving, kapa, lomi ect.
  • Kulena:
    individual, family, cultural or spiritual responsibilities
  • Connection to Place:
    elemental connections specific to a place: winds, rain, mountain, ocean

Write " it" out and by " it" I mean everything you want the design to say. This is an important step. Take the time to sit in a quiet place and connect to yourself to your ancestors let your mind open up to inspiration. Listen good, your kupuna will inspire you. This is called brain-storming.

When I create designs for folks I have them write out their manao or I interview them so I can see into their world. I could just pull a design out of "hat" but I choose the challenging path and customize the design to the individual story.

Personal Common Sense Rule:
The first kakau that you put on your body should honor your ancestors, mookuauahu, your piko connections.