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Design step 2: Research

Now with your story in hand you will need to find an plant, element, weather condition, animal(land or ocean) or traditional mooleleo that will appropriately represent your story. The best place to begin is the Hawaiian Dictionary (not the pocket version).


  • Lauhala weave :
    represent a lineage of family weavers
  • Upena:
    An ocean family connection
  • Mano teeth :
    aumakua connection
  • Kupukupu:
    to become a perpetual learner and grow as an individual
  • Ohia Lehua:
    symbol of a hula practioner's commitment to excel

These images are used widely used. There are many more and I may add more at a later date .I believe that if you take the time to connect(research) the answers and images will come to you. You don't have to be a Hawaiian studies major to hear your kupuna speak but you need to be willing to hear them.

Personal Common Sense Rule:
Editing is a good thing. Putting too many stories into one design and in one place creates a noisy and crowded look. Similar to wearing all your favorite clothes and shoes to a party. Edit.