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My Kakau Design style:

I design tattoo that reflect the lines and shapes of Hawaiian carvings, kapa, weaving and historical renderings of pre-contact Hawaiians etc. I design using geometric shapes because I love the look and challenge. Yes it is a challenge, to create a kakau constructed with only geometric shapes. A kakau to express a deep, multi layered concept/idea and dimensions that echo the lines, flow and forms of ancient Hawai'i. Connecting to one's ancestors is a personal and powerful commitment to foster excellence in our daily life: a dutiful child, protective mother, community participant, lifelong learner, a loyal friend, protective grand daughter, and loving wife.

I only work with lines and geometric shapes when I design kakau. It is my "thing." I am a classically trained artist and graphic designer. It is very easy for me to create realistic imagery for tattoo but I have chosen this path of grouping shapes and lines to express the depth and breadth of my Hawaiian universe.